[jdev] XEP174 with DHT? (serverless jabber)

Kevin Smith kevin at kismith.co.uk
Tue Oct 23 10:35:13 CDT 2007


You've taken conversation which happened on the Psi list and posted  
it here, which I don't object to too much. However, you've also  
edited what I said in that list to suit your purpose, actively adding  
things which I didn't say and that is something I really do object to.

As I said on the Psi list, I've read your posts to openoffice, I've  
read your posts to thunderbird, I've read your posts to evolution,  
and I read some more of your retroshare advocacy posts beside, and  
I've seen you get thrown off some of those lists. Now I can entirely  
understand why.

To all other readers not on the psi-devel list: rest assured that  
it's not only my quotes which are fictitious, several of the others  
are as well, and those that remain are edited out of context.

I'm naturally hostile to retroshare because of their 'Jabber2'  
rhetoric and the 'RFC' written by a 'member of the jabber coding  
foundation', but misquoting like this damages your case still further.

A quote saying that PGP can't be used through a server? I don't know  
whether to be more offended that you lied about dev saying that, or  
that you think the people on this list are ignorant enough to buy it.  
I see in your horoscope the number '27' being very important to you

Please stop now.


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