[jdev] Why after upgrade I don't get the same info?

rek2 rek2 at binaryfreedom.info
Wed Apr 2 00:03:13 CDT 2008

Hi, this is from the binaryfreedom.info server
update to jabberd2-2.1.23  and after this update I notes in my sql
authreg table
that the hash and the
token, sequence and hash are not getting field in.. but I have NULL on
those spaces..
aparently is working fine.. I created a test user to try and works.. so
what have changed?
do I need to migrate to a new sql schema?
also can I modify somehow the table names? like is possible to tell
jabberd2 what tables to look for?
I say this because I am going to write a nice front end for jabberd2 on
ruby on rails and some of the sql schema
on jabberd2 is not compatible..

Chris Fernandez

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