[jdev] pubsub and paid for content

Roelof Naude roelof.naude at epiuse.com
Thu Apr 3 06:19:47 CDT 2008

Peter Saint-Andre said the following on 04/02/2008 07:21 PM:
> Roelof Naude wrote:
>> hi all,
>> we are currently brainstorming about pubsub. some of the content that
>> one may provide, needs to be paid for, e.g. live share price updates.
> Cool, we'll finally get to use the <payment-required/> error. :)
>> (most providers can provide a delayed feed for a fixed fee. but why
>> settle for a delayed feed if we can get a live feed?)
>> what would be the best practice to allow only paid subscribers access to
>> such content?
> In general I think you would associate someone's JabberID with your
> database of paying customers. If someone attempts to subscribe to a
> for-pay node but they have not paid for access to that node, you would
> return a payment-required error. Probably you would use "leased
> subscriptions" as outlined in XEP-0060 -- e.g., a subscription lasts for
> 1 year and then you must renew.

the leased subscription option looks great. from my understanding the 
onus rest with the client to specify the leasing period? is there a way 
to either:
1. specify the leasing period per node during node creation (as an 
config option?)
2. have an external entity modify the leasing period per subscription?


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