[jdev] Consistent JIDs across multiple XMPP servers

Moyer, Todd (TMOYER) TMOYER at arinc.com
Thu Apr 3 10:36:16 CDT 2008

I don't think DNS-SD solves our mobility problem.  I suppose we could assign
a unique domain to every mobile node, and then use Dynamic DNS to map the
domain into the IP address of an XMPP server which currently has a
client-server connection to the mobile node, but Dynamic DNS doesn't seem to
provide a way to immediately "push" these address updates to other DNS

The problem we're facing has also been looked at extensively by the aviation
industry, which is facing the same problem with onboard aircraft systems
which need to interface with ground-based networks.  Here's a working paper
from ICAO (an agency of the United Nations which develops international
aviation standards) which describes all the approaches to mobility which
they have considered:


A quote from this document:  "One possibility, which would remove the need
to change the functionality of applications, would be to simply use Dynamic
DNS to inform the rest of the network of address changes when a host or
network changes its address. It is probably unlikely that the update
mechanism would work fast enough throughout the network to enable the end to
end application latency requirements to be met, but may be worth further
investigation before being discounted totally."

It's interesting they also considered XMPP as a candidate for mobility
solutions (see pages 52 and 65), but concluded it wasn't appropriate because
it was not "directly designed to provide the type of smooth mobility that is
under consideration here."  I'm trying to figure out how we could introduce
that "smooth mobility," at least for message delivery.

Todd Moyer
Advanced Transportation Programs

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Moyer, Todd (TMOYER) wrote:


> I can see this being of interest to a much wider audience-- anyone who 
> wants to maintain a consistent JID across a set of XMPP servers, where 
> they can connect to any one of the set.  I look forward to benefitting 
> from the expertise of the folks on this list...

Hmm, that's painful. :)

One possibility would be to use Wide-Area DNS-SD instead of the standard
XMPP client-server model based on DNS SRV and so on. I've been meaning to
experiment with that at xmpp.com but just haven't found the time. You can
find some relevant links here:



Peter Saint-Andre

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