[jdev] XMPPHP 0.1 beta announcement

James Walker walkah at walkah.net
Thu Apr 3 12:13:01 CDT 2008


Nathan, this is great news... glad to see this revived, evolving and  
moving forward!

Interested in collaborators? :-)

On 3-Apr-08, at 1:04 PM, Nathan Fritz wrote:
> Years ago, Carlo Zottmann handed off maintenance of  
> Class.Jabber.PHP.  I released several bugfixes, but I never really  
> did much with it.  PHP5 was coming out, and I new a rewrite was in  
> order to take advantage of more of the OOP features.  I promised a  
> rewrite that never came, until today.
> XMPPHP is designed to work with XMPP 1.0 servers, event driven, has  
> TLS encryption and other goodies.  You can connect to any XMPP 1.0  
> server, including jabber.org, Google Talk, LJ Talk, etc.  Currently,  
> it's missing Roster methods and In-Band Registration (those will be  
> coming in the next few days).  Also coming is BOSH support, object  
> based stanza generation, etc.  Please download it and let me know  
> what you think.  I can be IM'd at fritzy at netflint.net.
> This library has nothing in common with Class.Jabber.PHP save for a  
> few lessons learned.  It is largely based on my Python library  
> (SleekXMPP).  I'm taking things that work well in each and applying  
> them to each other.  I expect this to be beneficial for both projects.
> Project Page: http://code.google.com/p/xmpphp
> Announcement: http://nathan.fritzclan.com

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