[jdev] My GSoC project : to continue the PyMSNt development.

Florent florent.odier at gmail.com
Sat Apr 5 09:28:50 CDT 2008

Hi all,

I have seen this week only that James Bunton no longer wanted to continue
developing the MSN transport, since all his friends are now using Jabber.
I'm also applying for two other GSoC projects, but this one is the most
motivating for me.

I have not his chance : I still have a lot of friends using MSN, and they
won't change. I'm fond of Jabber and I prefer talk to them using the
transport rather than using multi-protocol clients (or separate clients).

I would like to have a nicer experience using MSN transport, and the best
way is to work on PyMSNt. I want to continue the development with James'
advices; unfortunately he won't be able to be my mentor (he stays available
for help though).
So I'm looking for a mentor.

I'm used to Mercurial but not to Python. It's a language I absolutely want
to learn (I have studied other programming languages), so this is a second
strong interest in this project.

After a discussion, James told me : "Your primary goal should be to update
PyMSNt to support the latest Jabber standards. This means XEP-0144 for
exchanging contacts, 172 for nicknames and
85 for chat state notification."
As I'm new to the project and Python, I think this is a good starting point.

A secondary goal would be "to update PyMSNt's MSN code to use the latest MSN
protocol. This would remove that annoying message about upgrading that
appears on login. Also it would allow access to newer protocol features,
even if they aren't implement for a while."

I know I come a bit late to propose this Summer of Code subject, but trust
me I dream to do it, I have a real interest in it other than earning money
from Google.
James thinks "this is a fantastic idea.", I stay available for your
questions/opinions via mail or IM (at the same address) while I write my


Florent Odier
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