[jdev] My GSoC project : to continue the PyMSNt development.

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Sun Apr 6 07:18:47 CDT 2008

Hi Florent,

>  After a discussion, James told me : "Your primary goal should be to update
> PyMSNt to support the latest Jabber standards. This means XEP-0144 for
> exchanging contacts, 172 for nicknames and
>  85 for chat state notification."

Well, xep-85 has been done for ages
(http://el-tramo.be/files/pymsn-t/chatstates.diff), it just wasn't
ever reviewed or committed. That's also a very minimal project. I
think james also did XEP-144 before (or maybe I hacked something
together, I forgot). I know I experimented with Psi to get it working
properly (i.e. automatic roster syncing), but I never committed that
code. Even if you implement xep-0144 in pysmn-t completely, client
support is still very basic (I'm not even sure if there's another
client except Psi that implements it). I think the general consensus
was that we needed a different protocol for gateway/roster
interaction, which would allow the gateway to manage (a portion of)
the roster itself. I also think I implemented nickname support in
PyMSN-t, and that it got accepted into mainline, but again, it's been
so long that my memory is vague.

I think the real remaining work would be to move PyMSN-t to use PEP
for its extended presence (avatars etc.), but I'm not sure how
interesting that is as a project.

> A secondary goal would be "to update PyMSNt's MSN code to use the latest MSN
> protocol. This would remove that annoying message about upgrading that
> appears on login. Also it would allow access to newer protocol features,
> even if they aren't implement for a while."

I never really got that upgrading message, but maybe i just have
messages turned off. How many new features are there that need to be
implemented? As far as I know, all the functionality that maps onto
jabber (avatars, chat, groupchat, chat states) is already present in


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