[jdev] My GSoC project : to continue the PyMSNt development.

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Sun Apr 6 08:09:14 CDT 2008

2008/4/6, Remko Tronçon <remko at el-tramo.be>:
>  As far as I know, all the functionality that maps onto
>  jabber (avatars, chat, groupchat, chat states) is already present in
>  pymsn-t.

Missing features:
* VoIP/video: for this it is probably the best to forward to another
service similar to TokBox and MeBeam (maybe a new XEP is needed for
this?). It should work this way. You call with your Jingle enabled
Jabber client to a contact on the transport. The transport forwards
your Jingle session request to the external service (MeBeam, TokBox,
or something new). This service should get a Jingle interface besides
the Flash interface on the website. When this service receives your
request from the transport, it will open a Jingle session with you and
it will notify the transport about this. The transport will also
receive the URL which your MSN contact needs to open. Thus your MSN
contact needs to open his browser and you can simply use your Jabber
client without noticing any difference with a voice/video chat with a
normal contact.
* Reliability always can be better
* Cache to store messages when your contact is offline. When the
contact comes online, these messages should be sent.
* Add support for all PEP XEPs (User Nickname, User Tune, User
Activity, User Location...). Of course not all of these can be mapped
to similar features in MSN, but it is common use in the MSN world to
pollute your nickname with this stuff. IMO it is a very good idea to
contribute to this pollution as it will make Jabber clients a better
choice for people to connect to MSN...I want to see more messages like
this one: http://coccinella.im/node/223 ;-)
* Add support for webdav file transfers. It will be very nice if
people can send their files using webdav services like
http://in.solit.us/ This kind of file transfer can be much faster for
downloading and/or uploading and may be a compelling reason for people
who regularly transfer large files to switch to a Jabber client. The
advantage also is that this kind of file transfer is easy to keep
compatible with the MSN protocol; when Microsoft changes the file
transfer protocol, you still can send files using webdav!

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.

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