[jdev] Roster Item Exchange XEP

Florian Jensen admin at flosoft.biz
Sun Apr 13 19:42:24 CDT 2008


I just stumbled upon is message on the Websteam Mailinglist, and asked 
myself the question, why don't we ? ... have a roster item exchange XEP? 
I think this would be a big step for XMPP, if this could be implemented. 
Not only for transports, but also for Applications using Jabber. What 
about Shared Rosters? They could be updated without reconnecting?

I may be wrong on some points, but I am not a dev, so forgive me :)


Florian Jensen

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I just want to chip in and comment that, currently, non-local
transports *suck hard*. The main reason being is that we don't have
roster item exchange yet, and this creates a lot of nasty issues that
eventually and inevitably bite people in the butt. If you haven't had
problems yet, you're lucky to have lasted this long.

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