[jdev] Vapor Status

Jonathan Dickinson jonathanD at k2.com
Mon Apr 14 13:42:10 CDT 2008

Hi peter,

Thanks for the advice. Coversant communicator uses iq:auth so that makes thing a little bit easier. Pity there are no debugging tools, maybe something worth implementing in vapor ;).

I also intend to make a testing suite. Any solid ideas apart from the usual xml stuff?

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Jonathan Dickinson wrote:

> Also, can someone give a clue about which client was used to test the
> initial (unusable) versions of the various JabberDs? PUTTY and
> Notepad is getting tiresome :(.

You mean in the early early days of jabber?

Jer released some kind of client with the first version of jabberd, but
by the time I joined the project in late '99 there were already clients
like Winjab, Gabber, and a few others that no one remembers anymore.
Plus of course a lot of used the telnet client for testing. But that was
easier in the days of iq:auth instead of SASL. :)


Peter Saint-Andre

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