[jdev] (offtopic: IPv6 experience) was IPv6 readyness?

Andre-John Mas ajmas at sympatico.ca
Wed Apr 16 09:48:43 CDT 2008


Going from nothing to something took a little time, as I had to learn  
some new concepts. Now I have things running my main issues are  
generally programs that break if subjected to an IPv6 address. I  
report these issues to the relevant projects whens I can and it is  
then up to the developers if they care or have the time. The important  
applications such as Firefox, Safari, apache2, php, java ssh, scp, vlc  
and Transmisson support IPV6, as for others I have not tested them.

Now things are up and running things are good. I originally started  
using Teredo, on MacOS X, but then moved to aiccu, provied by Sixxs.  
This nice thing with the solution provided by Sixxs is that they allow  
to have a subnet ('private' network, but not isolated by a NAT). For  
my web server I had to migrate to Apache2, since this version allows  
for IPv6 support. On the Windows side I have used Freenet6. There are  
other ways of getting connected to IPv6 networks, but that is an  
exercise left to someone  else to explore.

You will be surprised to see what is already out there. Some stuff is  
listed here:


I have attempted to document things as I learn about them, so I can  
help save other people from the same initial headaches I had. I have  
either put the documentation into the Sixxs Wiki:


or on my site:


Since my OS is MacOS X, this is the angle from which my experience is  
from and thus the documentation is based on.

If you are using need a dynamic DNS entry for your site, then I  
recommend checking out freedns:


The advantage of freedns is that they allow you to specify an AAAA  
entry (IPv6 address) for you host.


PS If you have any supplementary questions I encourage you to ask me  
off-list. I posted this once, just for anyone else who might have been  
interested in the same answer.

On 16-Apr-08, at 10:13 , Jonathan Dickinson wrote:
> I know this is OT, but what are your experiences with IPv6? I have  
> been itching to actively use IPv6 resources for a while, but I am  
> just not there yet: any motivations to bump up my efforts (as a  
> developer/end user)?
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> Subject: Re: [jdev] IPv6 readyness?
> Chris Mullins at Microsoft is a good resource on this topic, and  
> also if anybody runs into any specific issues or IPv6 questions,  
> please be sure to let me know.
> I am chair of the California IPv6 Task Force and am a leader with  
> the global IPv6 Forum.  FYI, there is an "IPv6 Ready" program and if  
> anybody is interested they can visitwww.IPv6Forum.com and learn more  
> about it.
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> Hi,
> Am Mi, 16.04.2008, 14:49, schrieb Paul van Tilburg:
> > Our Jabber server (jabberd14 code base) has been running on our IPv6
> network for over 4 years without any problems.
> Same here, jabberd14 server is still running since 2004 in a ipv4/ipv6
> environment without any problems.
> Cheers
> /m
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