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Well I'm not sure, but the USGS does offer CAP feeds (or at least has a "subscribe using CAP" button here) http://geology.usgs.gov/index.htm. For example you can get to a sample CAP entry here using Firefox: http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/catalogs/cap/uu00013369
However right now I believe you could subscribe to the RSS feeds that they put out using a XMPP "bot" that will send you XMPP messages based on the RSS feed. No coding required, but you will need to find a XMPP bot that allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds.Someone could write a component to allow XMPP users to subscribe to CAP alerts by translating the CAP info into pubsub. It would make an excellent Google SoC project (hint, hint!)

> Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 15:51:30 -0400> From: jeffm at iglou.com> To: jdev at jabber.org> Subject: Re: [jdev] resources available via XMPP...> > Stephen Pendleton wrote:> > Jeff, so you know what is the status of OASIS and the CAP protocol?> > Isn't that what the USGS and NWS uses? We have a XEP for CAP alerts> > over XMPP: http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0127.html> > Yeah, I'm familiar with that XEP. Alas, there's not a lot that reads> and understands CAP, so while it would be cool to include a CAP stanza> in the messages, in the meantime I think a more human readable version> needs to be sent as well, and that means parsing and GIS work, which is> what is really beyond my facilities (seriously folks, you *don't* want> me programming...the results are not pretty ;)> > Also, FWIW, the USGS stuff is not available in CAP...they use their own> "CUBE" (I think they call it) encoding of information that is specific> to seismic activities (since depth below ground is important in that> world and if I remember correctly, you can't do that in CAP).> > Also, the NWS CAP stuff is only experimental, but its cool that they're> heading in that direction, and I have encouraged them through whatever> contacts I have on this initiative.> -- > Jeff McAdams> "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a> little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."> -- Benjamin Franklin> 
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