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Jeff McAdams jeffm at iglou.com
Mon Apr 21 15:53:55 CDT 2008

Stephen Pendleton wrote:
> Well I'm not sure, but the USGS does offer CAP feeds (or at least has
> a "subscribe using CAP" button here)
> http://geology.usgs.gov/index.htm. For example you can get to a
> sample CAP entry here using Firefox:
> http://earthquakes.usgs.gov/eqcenter/catalogs/cap/uu00013369

Ok, I didn't realize they generated CAP as well, but in any case, their
near-real-time feed, which was the whole point of what I'm trying to
achieve, here, results in CUBE format events that would need to be
parsed and reformatted.

> However right now I believe you could subscribe to the RSS feeds that
> they put out using a XMPP "bot" that will send you XMPP messages
> based on the RSS feed. No coding required, but you will need to find
> a XMPP bot that allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds.Someone could
> write a component to allow XMPP users to subscribe to CAP alerts by
> translating the CAP info into pubsub. It would make an excellent
> Google SoC project (hint, hint!)

CAP and pubsub is very cool, yes, and I, also, think that would be a
pretty decent SoC project.  Maybe.

I want to get away from polling RSS feeds, though.  Events like severe
weather and earthquakes are very real-time events, and lagging even a
few minutes for RSS feed to be polled is very problematic.  XMPP can be
a near-real-time, event based architecture...to base the source of the
events that we're pumping across this architecture on a legacy-esque
polled HTTP/RSS feed is crippling the usefulness of this sort of
material even before we get started.  (OK, earthquake info is probably a
bit less critical to be near-real-time than weather...if you really need
real-time notification of an earthquake, you can probably feel it, but
you get my point, here...a Tornado you may not know about but be in
imminent danger from it).

Regardless, though...one of XMPP's real strengths is that its more of an
event-driven system...but so many people just don't grok the power of
that, and some real, useful, demonstrations of what's possible would be
very powerful to have available...but if you just dump an RSS feed into
a bot...I might as well just poll the RSS feed from my aggregator
myself, the XMPP capability is wasted.  (There is, of course, reasonable
uses for having an RSS or ATOM feed via XMPP...but the real-time
capabilities of XMPP are what I'm trying to highlight, here)
Jeff McAdams
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