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Ernest Nova ennova2005-jabber at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 21 16:04:21 CDT 2008

--- Jeff McAdams <jeffm at iglou.com> wrote:

> Regardless, though...one of XMPP's real strengths is that its more of
> an
> event-driven system...but so many people just don't grok the power of
> that, and some real, useful, demonstrations of what's possible would
> be
> very powerful to have available...but if you just dump an RSS feed
> into
> a bot...I might as well just poll the RSS feed from my aggregator
> myself, the XMPP capability is wasted.  (There is, of course,
> reasonable
> uses for having an RSS or ATOM feed via XMPP...but the real-time
> capabilities of XMPP are what I'm trying to highlight, here)
> -- 

No debate about the event-oriented real-time nature of XMPP ( vs RSS) -
but I believe notification is only part of the story.  The compelling
part of XMPP (or IM in general) is not just that you can notify in
real-time - but after the notification is delivered - the information
has already been presented in a format/forum where it can be natively
collaborated upon (i.e chat rooms). This would not be possible with a
feed reader where you would have to switch apps etc.

I believe post-event collaboration is just as integral a part of
first-response, even if the initial notification was slow

( I believe this is how you started the thread ;-) )


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