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Jeff McAdams jeffm at iglou.com
Tue Apr 22 09:15:35 CDT 2008

Stephen Pendleton wrote:
> Interestingly enough I ran across the iemchat site a few days ago.
> Out of curiosity where do you get your feeds from now and what is the
> format?

As I mentioned in my previous message, I didn't start IEMChat or do most
of the setup.  The guy that did, Daryl Herzmann, is at Iowa State
University (which I understand to have quite an impressive
meteorological department) and gets access to the data off of their
NOAAport feed.  NOAAport, as best I understand it, is primarily a
satellite transported data feed from NOAA and the NWS.  As it has
developed, it has added the ability to transport the NOAA product feeds
across IP channels of some sort (I don't know the details on it).  Daryl
pulls the products off the NOAAport feeds and does all sorts of parsing
and munging and GIS integration stuff and injects them into the IEMChat
system via iembot.  There's then another iembot that relays the messages
from the private IEMChat system for the NWS, media and emergency
management into the public version.  Because every step along the path
is event based, the message from iembot gets spit into the chatrooms,
based on my remembrance of conversations I've had with NWS folk, within
about 30-40 seconds of the product being generated by a NWS
meteorologist sitting at their workstation.
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