[jdev] J2J feedback

Dobrov Sergey Binary at JRuDevels.org
Tue Apr 22 13:42:41 CDT 2008

>Does somebody know where I have to send feedback for the J2J transport
>( http://wiki.jrudevels.org/Eng:J2J:AdminGuide )? Feedback like bug
>reports, feature wishes, and patches? I cannot find any bug tracker,
>mailing list, chatroom, email address, or any other support channel.
>It is quite ridiculous if I have to fork this project only because
>there is no way to send my feedback to the main project.

You can use: xmpp:Binary [ at ] JRuDevels.org, E-Mail: Binary [ at ] JRuDevels.org, Bug-Tracker: http://bugs.JRuDevels.org or forum: http://forum.JRuDevels.org

We will update our wiki with contact information but it all available on http://JRuDevels.org

Best Regards, Dobrov Sergey aka Binary.

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