[jdev] jabber localization project?

Jonathan Dickinson jonathanD at k2.com
Mon Aug 18 00:29:22 CDT 2008

How about some central XML file? A front-end for the XML file could be built to allow translators to go in and add their stuff. This way we could _realistically_ start making use of the xml:lang attribute on the stream. E.g.

     The resource '{0}' was not found.
     The resource '{0}' was not found.
     Thine '{0}' resource found was not.

If we did some fancy namespacing we could even make some really kick-ass design patterns, for instance:

<messages xmlns:client="jabber:client">

We could then do a lookup for certain namespaces:names and maybe build it into our XML writers...

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2008/8/15 Jonathan Schleifer <js-jdev at webkeks.org>:
> "Sander Devrieze" <s.devrieze at pandora.be> wrote:
>> Anyway, we collected Mood translations for these languages so far (not
>> all languages are up to date; contributions are welcome! ;-) ):
>> * Czech
>> * German
>> * Spanish
>> * Italian
>> * Korean
>> * Dutch
>> * Polish
>> * Swedish
> For german, there were only about 20% of the moods translated. Haven't
> looked at the other languages. For Gajim, we have all moods translated
> for German, French and Russian, maybe even know, but at least, I know
> of these three.

It looks like Coccinella simply does not support all mood values (
http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0107.html#moods ). I've no idea
what's the reason for that. Mats?

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.
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