[jdev] [ANN] Prosody XMPP Server Announcement

Matthew Wild mwild1 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 17:22:09 CST 2008


I am pleased to announce the very first release of Prosody.

Prosody is an exciting new XMPP server written in Lua. It aims to be
flexible, easy to extend, and simple to use for both users and
developers alike.

Our goals are:

• Easy to use (a working server can be up and running in under a minute)
• Low resource usage
• *Extremely* easy to extend, through plugins and internal components
(this enables rapid prototyping of new extension protocols, etc.)

You can find out more about Prosody at http://prosody.im/
Further minor releases will will be announced on the prosody-users
mailing list at: http://groups.google.co.uk/group/prosody-users
Also a mailing list for development discussion can be found at:
Finally a MUC room for users and developers is at:
prosody at conference.heavy-horse.co.uk

Prosody is currently at *alpha* stage. We have lots of features, but
there is now work to do on stabilising and becoming fully compliant
with the specs.

Prosody is also not yet suitable for replacing your current server,
instead we're sticking with the golden rule of "release early, release
often". Expect plenty of updates, as we are working quite fast on both
stability and features. We definitely want more testing,

Our next release will be focused in particular on increasing
stability, spec compliance, and as a longer goal becoming compliant
with XEP-0243 by the time it reaches final :)

Here's to a new addition to the XMPP family!

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