[jdev] XMPP Summit

Jonathan Schleifer js-jdev at webkeks.org
Wed Dec 10 13:35:08 CST 2008

Am 10.12.2008 um 20:11 schrieb Dirk Meyer:

> Great. A question to day 2: I guess the priority will be on "XMPP as
> Skype replacement", so RTP over Jingle, ICE-UDP and friends. But we
> should also have a discussion about the future of Jingle for TCP-like
> requirements like file-transfer and e2e streams (see day 3). So ICE- 
> or something like this comes to my mind. I never was on an XMPP summit
> before, but maybe split the Jingle discussion into three parts: Jingle
> basics, UDP (VoIP), and TCP (ICE-TCP, TURN, etc).

Well, actually, UDP for file transfers can be desirable if you want to  
circumvent NAT. :) So UDP can work where TCP doesn't. Of course, you  
then need integrity checks.

> And one note to file transfer on day 3: are there any ideas to support
> seeking in file transfers? It would be a nice feature and I already  
> have
> some ideas. Maybe we can discuss it, too.

Streaming audio/video where you can seek? :)
Maybe this should be implemented in Jingle Audio/Video and not in  
Jingle File Transfers. But OTOH, seeking in File Transfers would allow  
something like XMPPFS :). If you are just thinking about resuming:  
That's already possible, even with the old SI transfers.


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