[jdev] Case sensitivity in JIDs

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at ag-software.de
Fri Dec 12 16:00:08 CST 2008

Arne Claassen schrieb:
> Hmmm... then stringprep in agsXMPP might be borked, since in it user  
> names stay in the case they were sent, which is where my troubles  
> started.

I don't use stringprep in all constructors in the jid class of agsXMPP 
because stringprep is a heavy process and needs lots of cpu power. When 
I receive a Jid from a server then I assume its correct and was prepared 
by the connecting client or on the server before.

The follwing code:
Jid jid =new Jid("TEßT at Server.Com/Resource");

Jid jid2 = new Jid("TEßT","Server.Com","Resource");

gives you this output:
TEßT at Server.Com/Resource
tesst at server.com/Resource


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