[jdev] Firefox plugin for bookmarks through XMPP

Jehan Jehan.3ke4ec at no-mx.jabberforum.org
Sat Dec 13 22:04:23 CST 2008


Norman Rasmussen;5588 Wrote: 
> Can you not delegate connecting to the server via Sameplace?   That
> way
> either the user configures the resource to -1 to not receive messages,
> or to
> a positive value, and expects to receive messages - which Sameplace can
> then
> display.
> -- 
> - Norman Rasmussen

Yes I could do something like this but it would fix the issue only for
people using sameplace! And I don't want to force people to use it. My
plugin is made to work with the xmpp4moz library only, and sameplace is
not one of its dependency.
Anyway I just saw by coming back home that the xmpp4moz developper has
just answered to my bug report and said it is already fixed in the
current branch:

So now we just have to wait for the next release of xmpp4moz plugin,
then my plugin should not be any risk for losing messages... unless a
client send a text message to the specific xbookmarks resource.
Fortunately in my few tests until now, I have not encountered the case
(tested only with Gajim and Pidgin though) and if you see this, just
tell the client's developpers so that they fix this behaviour.


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