[jdev] Bug in jabberd2 (2.1.13) on win32

Maciek Niedzielski machekku at uaznia.net
Fri Feb 8 05:51:26 CST 2008

Tomasz Sterna pisze:
> Dnia 2008-02-08, Pt o godzinie 09:51 +0200, Norman Rasmussen pisze:
>> Can you ask Coccinella to use a different resource? If you remove the
>> @ does it help? (I'm thinking that having an @ in the resource might
>> be confusing jabberd2) 
> I was worried about the capitalization more (and lack of resourceprep
> somewhere), but I just checked and resource "Coccinella at computer"
> works on my local installation. It's Linux not win32 though.
Hmm I may be wrong, but I think there is no case-folding in resourceprep.

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