[jdev] Sharing a single connection for multiple users

Andrew Miehs andrew at 2sheds.de
Tue Feb 26 21:48:00 CST 2008

Dear List,

I have been looking through the mailing list archives, and reading  
rfc3921 but have
been unable to find out whether I can share one tcp connection for  
multiple "users".

I currently have multiple servers with thousands of users on each one.
I would like to create a web chat so that the users can 'talk' to one  
another, and
have been wondering whether it would be possible to use jabber as a  
backend for this

Looking at the spec, it mentions creating a client connection,  
starting a session and
then sending a message.

Would I need to create one connection to the jabber server for each  
web user, or can
I use one connection per web server? I am a little worried about how  
well thousands
of connections per server would scale.

Thanks for any advice or pointers in advance,



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