[jdev] Collaboration on BOSH servlet?

Bernd Fondermann bf_lists at brainlounge.de
Wed Jan 9 01:27:39 CST 2008

Greg Wilkins wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've just tuned into the Jabber/XMPP/BOSH stuff.  I'm the main developer of the Jetty webserver and
> a contributor to the Cometd/Bayeux project at Dojo.
> I've recently been working on using the async features of Jetty to scale Cometd/Bayeux to
> 20,000 simultaneous users on one server: http://cometdaily.com/2008/01/07/20000-reasons-that-comet-scales/
> I think that BOSH and XMPP over BOSH are essentially the same technique as the long polling used
> by Bayeux/cometd, so it should be possible to come up with a java servlet that scales to similar levels
> So a couple of questions (some/most being a bit newbie in nature):
> While I understand that much/most/many XMPP applications talk to dedicated servers, what is the
> interest in having XMPP/BOSH terminating in a standard java web container?
> What is the state of the art with regards to XMPP/BOSH servlets. Googling reveals a somewhat
> confused and perhaps dated picture?
> The BOSH spec looks pretty straight forward and very similar to what we have for Bayeux/cometd
> I should be able to implement that in a week or so.    But will that be sufficient for XMPP
> clients and servers to use it or will I need to write some XMPP adaption/integration stuff
> as well?
> Any interest out there for a BOSH transport for cometd/bayeux?
> Is this the right forum/community to be asking these questions?
> If there are any similar efforts underway, then I'm happy to collaborate with them.
> But then I'm also happy to create a totally new BOSH implementation and would be keen to
> meet anybody interested in Collaboration.

Hi Greg,

I am very interested in having an open BOSH implementation in Java.
Currently, I am bootstrapping a XMPP server project at Apache Labs. 
Maybe this gives you (or will give you as the lab matures) the 
infrastructure to code against on server side. On the protocol level it 
is TCP-transport-agnostic and created with other transports like BOSH in 
mind. It should be easily embeddable into Jetty as it is based on Spring 

If you need any help with the XMPP side, I'd be glad to collaborate.


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