[jdev] Financial messaging via XMPP

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Fri Jan 25 11:23:09 CST 2008

On Fri Jan 25 17:07:48 2008, Martin Sustrik wrote:
> Richard,
>> Base64 is trivial to compute and as far as TLS is concerned surely  
>> being financial information you would be required to have it  
>> encrypted? The encryption rather than the compression part is  
>> likely to be the most CPU intensive part.
> Not really. The high-volume distribution scenarios tend to appear  
> in closed environments where encryption is not required. I don't  
> expect XMPP to be really well-performing here, but there's no much  
> point of using XMPP is such an environment anyway.
I'd agree with that. Slipping on a work hat for a moment, we - Isode  
- use a mostly binary messag passing protocol for internal messaging  
inside our applications, although the payloads often turn out to be  
XML. We have considered using XMPP directly, but dropped it for the  
same efficiency reasons you've cited, but equally, we are planning on  
using XMPP for various out-bound interoperability and integration  

> On the other hand, in low-volume over-the-internet messaging, XMPP  
> may be interesting. Actually, I am starting to like the idea of the  
> plug-in - not least because there is an active community around  
> XMPP that may help with implementing particular features. The other  
> way round, this may be an interesting toehold in financials for  
> XMPP community.

Absolutely - also there's considerable usage of XMPP within the  
financials anyway, so enabling various tie-in technologies makes  
sense. The latency increases of running over XMPP, for example, would  
be far outweighed by having a stock-ticker in Psi, say.

You also need to define "low-volume" for this community - I suspect  
your "low-volume" equates to, or exceeds, our "flood". :-)

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