[jdev] Bug in jabberd2 (2.1.13) on win32

Adam Strzelecki ono at java.pl
Wed Jan 30 04:15:40 CST 2008

Hi Dan,

Finally it is me. Yup, I deserve a spanking for not reading the list,  
especially those posts related to me. Sorry bout that.
I've moved to Mac platform and got slight mental and physical disorder  
regarding Windows ;)

First of all, huge thanks for this patch regarding MIO_WSASYNC!

>>> I installed the new build over my compiled version and I've run in  
>>> to
>>> two snags.  First, the database between the two versions is not
>>> compatible.  I used the installed database and it worked fine.
>> Well...
>> $ head tools/db-update.sqlite

Yup this is something I found missing in the SVN, added it looking at  
the db-setup.sqlite differences from times of my last commit and  
todays. It won't hurt if you run it twice, it will report errors on  
fields that are already updated in the database.

>>> The
>>> next problem is that SASL no longer seems to work.  I don't know  
>>> what
>>> the problem is, but an 'internal server error' is being returned to
>>> the client.  Any idea what this could be?  Logging in with no
>>> encryption works.  When logging in with SASL the c2s server log  
>>> shows
>>> I have authenticated, but the session manager shows nothing.

> When it installs, it installs libgsasl.dll.  Is this what you mean?

This is major change in comparison to previous win32 builds, we use  
now GSASL also for win32. I did one try to port GSASL to win32 last  
year, but I've surrendered.
Once Tomasz deprecated Cyrus SASL for good, I did try once again  
yesterday. This time I found the reason it wasn't working, it was  
using /dev/random and having minor problems in other functions. Also  
those Vortex builds for win32 have the same problems... and simply  
don't work, reporting stupid error  
GSASL_MECHANISM_CALLED_TOO_MANY_TIMES, while the problem was gc_nonce  
function that was returning 3 ==  
GSASL_MECHANISM_CALLED_TOO_MANY_TIMES, but the error was out of gsasl  
scope (different library).

So, do you use, DIGEST-MD5? Do you build libgsasl it yourself? If yes,  
do you use the patches for libgsasl I've posted on my site at:

Because without them especially without patch file, libgsasl will  
compile on win32, but simply won't work, as it is trying use /dev/ 
random, and etc.

But then if you use my patch, then it must be again some other problem  
with libgsasl I haven't encountered yet.
Please post me details about the auth method you're using, and maybe  
try disabling DIGEST-MD5 for user auth, and try PLAIN <-

Adam Strzelecki |: nanoant.com :|

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