[jdev] Bug in jabberd2 (2.1.13) on win32

Dan Hulme dhulme at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 10:17:40 CST 2008

Thanks for all your work on this.  Regarding gsasl, I currently am not
compiling myself because I had not converted my build environment to
use the latest build and the library versions that would be required
(i.e., gsasl vs cyrus and whatever else is different).  I am using the
build found on nanoant.

I am already using plain instead of digest-md5.  The authentication,
according to the logs, is working.  However, no session ever shows up
in the sm.log, and the client just hangs while connecting.  As soon as
I switch sasl off in the client, I can connect normally.

So, I don't know if the build on nanoant uses the patches, but I would
hope that it did.  In any case, it appears that the encryption works
somewhat, but that the session cannot be started.  Hopefully this
information helps.



On Jan 30, 2008 2:15 AM, Adam Strzelecki <ono at java.pl> wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> Finally it is me. Yup, I deserve a spanking for not reading the list,
> especially those posts related to me. Sorry bout that.
> I've moved to Mac platform and got slight mental and physical disorder
> regarding Windows ;)
> First of all, huge thanks for this patch regarding MIO_WSASYNC!
> >>> I installed the new build over my compiled version and I've run in
> >>> to
> >>> two snags.  First, the database between the two versions is not
> >>> compatible.  I used the installed database and it worked fine.
> >>
> >> Well...
> >> $ head tools/db-update.sqlite
> >>
> Yup this is something I found missing in the SVN, added it looking at
> the db-setup.sqlite differences from times of my last commit and
> todays. It won't hurt if you run it twice, it will report errors on
> fields that are already updated in the database.
> >>> The
> >>> next problem is that SASL no longer seems to work.  I don't know
> >>> what
> >>> the problem is, but an 'internal server error' is being returned to
> >>> the client.  Any idea what this could be?  Logging in with no
> >>> encryption works.  When logging in with SASL the c2s server log
> >>> shows
> >>> I have authenticated, but the session manager shows nothing.
> > When it installs, it installs libgsasl.dll.  Is this what you mean?
> This is major change in comparison to previous win32 builds, we use
> now GSASL also for win32. I did one try to port GSASL to win32 last
> year, but I've surrendered.
> Once Tomasz deprecated Cyrus SASL for good, I did try once again
> yesterday. This time I found the reason it wasn't working, it was
> using /dev/random and having minor problems in other functions. Also
> those Vortex builds for win32 have the same problems... and simply
> don't work, reporting stupid error
> GSASL_MECHANISM_CALLED_TOO_MANY_TIMES, while the problem was gc_nonce
> function that was returning 3 ==
> GSASL_MECHANISM_CALLED_TOO_MANY_TIMES, but the error was out of gsasl
> scope (different library).
> So, do you use, DIGEST-MD5? Do you build libgsasl it yourself? If yes,
> do you use the patches for libgsasl I've posted on my site at:
> http://www.nanoant.com/projects/jabberd2-win32#download
> Because without them especially without patch file, libgsasl will
> compile on win32, but simply won't work, as it is trying use /dev/
> random, and etc.
> But then if you use my patch, then it must be again some other problem
> with libgsasl I haven't encountered yet.
> Please post me details about the auth method you're using, and maybe
> try disabling DIGEST-MD5 for user auth, and try PLAIN <-
> Cheers,
> --
> Adam Strzelecki |: nanoant.com :|

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