[jdev] Do Not Disturb, Directed Presence, etc

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Tue Jul 1 04:47:08 CDT 2008

> - A responds to B's reply with an auto-responder whining about being
> disturbed.

I have yet to discover another use of auto-responders except annoying
people. First of all, I can see when clicking someone's roster item to
send him a message that he/she is not online. Secondly, my IM client's
chat dialog tells me "Your contact is away: Out eating". If I still
send him a message, despite all this, i don't really want a reply
stating the over-obvious "I'm currently away, out eating" (which is
especially annoying if the other side decides to wait 2 seconds
because of lag, and his chat dialog is already closed). I say away
with all auto-responders.


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