[jdev] Do Not Disturb, Directed Presence, etc

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> As to the proposed problem with message loops, have we ever seen this?
> It sounds like clients with autoreplies will end up getting bug
> reports and having to fix this :)

One of My MSN contacts uses trillian (by the looks of it) and it auto-responds, but only does so +/- three times. So you wouldn't get a message loop in that case. But the whole situation is quite humorous:

Juliet at server.org (do not disturb) [_][x]
Romeo (do not disturb): Please go away.
Romeo (do not disturb): Please go away.
Romeo (do not disturb): Please go away.

My ASCII art sucks but I am sure you get the irony of the situation...

Maybe a more appropriate option would be to have only a toaster pop up in the DND mode with a 'do not disturb' link that will autorespond and a 'ignore' option that does nothing, instead of a new chat window + autorespond/no chat window + autorespond.

> /K
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