[jdev] Do Not Disturb, Directed Presence, etc

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>> My client, however, knows that I have asked it not to disturb me, so
>> therefore it supresses its normal cacophony of bleeps, and merely
>> displays Kev's claptrap in an unobtrusive manner, to await my return
>> to the computer.
> Or in short: if you don't want to be disturbed, your client needs to
> make sure you don't get disturbed, which is what my client does. When
> I go in DND mode, I just don't want messages to be popping up, and I
> want my contacts to know that I will probably not answer. I don't mind
> them sending me messages, on the contrary. And if I really didn't want
> any messages from anyone, I would have gone offline with a status
> message "Doing something very important").
> cheers,
> Remko
> PS: I don't think message loops are a problem. Any normal client
> auto-responds only once. Clients that don't are broken (versus clients
> that only reply once are merely crippled). If 2 broken clients talk to
> each other, then they can loop for all I care.
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