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Tue Jul 1 11:10:14 CDT 2008

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> On Tue Jul  1 14:50:49 2008, Jonathan Dickinson wrote:
> > I think the base problem here is that people don't read. I may set
> > my status to DND, but I promise you I will get some idiot contact
> > wanting to partake in some small talk.
> >
> >
> You appreciate you're implying that you think at least some of your
> contacts are idiots? :-)

I have a few Aunt Tillies on my contact list.

> The thing is, "absolutely necessary" - as you describe it later -
> means different things to different people, and it seems pretty
> obvious to me that you wouldn't be in dnd mode if you weren't
> available to at least some degree. The problem is that it's difficult
> to know what degree that is.
> > I think the solution, really, would be the flashing red lights and
> > 'do you feel lucky punk' as Pedro said. Ultimately this takes:
> >
> > 1. The client (program) who is in do not disturb mode to:
> >    a. Provide non-intrusive and brief alerts.
> This seems sensible - so you'd essentially tell your client not to
> disturb you.
> >    b. Allow the user to respond with a predefined message by
> > interacting (a la attended predefined response, Nimbuzz has
> > something like these).
> I hadn't a clue what Nimbuzz is....

Only free (and decent) native Windows Mobile XMPP client I can find :(. And the Windows Mobile JVMs are a memory hog and poorly integrated.

> In any case, there's no real need for this - sticking yourself in dnd
> is not a one-bit datum, you can provide all sorts of information in
> the <status/>, or in various exciting PEP things, to provide useful
> information as to *why* you're "dnd", and avoid auto-replies of this
> nature entirely.

I know this goes against the grain of XMPP, but how about making the clients a bit more intelligent. A user would set up states that they can associate with different XMPP states.
For example (The auto responses must be initiated by the user):

On the phone : Away : I am on the phone right now, I will get back to you OR I am on the phone, but nearly done.
In a meeting : DND : I am in a meeting OR I am in a meeting + [suppress messages].
Driving : DND : [suppress messages]

I am sure you get the idea. I should actually write a list of these ideas down...

> Let me explain in a more clarificational manner by way of an
> expositional example:
> ...

Rolling on the floor with laughter (ROTFL just doesn't do it justice). I see your point though, this is a one-sided solution: no need to annoy the other user if you are protected from his drivels.

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