[jdev] Do Not Disturb, Directed Presence, etc

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Tue Jul 1 13:39:36 CDT 2008

On Tue Jul  1 17:10:14 2008, Jonathan Dickinson wrote:
> I know this goes against the grain of XMPP, but how about making  
> the clients a bit more intelligent. A user would set up states that  
> they can associate with different XMPP states.
> For example (The auto responses must be initiated by the user):
But why do these need to be auto-responses at all, why not presence  

> On the phone : Away : I am on the phone right now, I will get back  
> to you OR I am on the phone, but nearly done.

<presence><show>away</show><status>On the phone</status></presence>

> In a meeting : DND : I am in a meeting OR I am in a meeting +  
> [suppress messages].

<presence><show>dnd</show><status>In a meeting</status></presence>

> Driving : DND : [suppress messages]


> I am sure you get the idea. I should actually write a list of these  
> ideas down...

I get the idea, I just don't get why.

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