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Wed Jul 2 10:28:37 CDT 2008

Kevin Smith;1425 Wrote: 
> It is required that members you vote (responsibly) in XSF meetings.
> These are primarily voting in new members quarterly, and voting board
> and council annually.

So you are accepted to have the opportunity to accept others (as member
also, or board, or council)? ;-) I guess also we participate in
discussion about XEP status?..

And an important question about how the meetings, and votes (when
necessary) are done: how are organized the meetings? Are there votes
during meetings at a narrow specific time, or is there a large time
range around the discussions? As I said, I have some time I could use
for this. But I still have a job during the day and there is the time
shift between countries (but maybe with the time shift, I can
participate to mettings at night! :p).

Of course I could just wait and see if I am accepted as a member (I
hope!), but I still think it would be stupid to take responsibility of
membership if I suddenly discover some physical impossibilities (like
time of the day, etc.).

Thanks! :-)


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