[jdev] XSF membership application period

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Wed Jul 2 10:47:32 CDT 2008

> So you are accepted to have the opportunity to accept others (as member
> also, or board, or council)? ;-) I guess also we participate in
> discussion about XEP status?..

As Kev said, yes, you have to participate in the community actively
(which includes discussions about XEPs). 'Participating actively' is
pretty vague, though, and the only well-defined task is the voting
part, which is probably why Kev mentioned it first. (And as simple as
this task may seem, it seems that some members still fail to take it

When members need to vote, there is always a time span, and the last
moment to vote is the members meeting (which typically happens around
1900 CET). However, you if you vote during the time span, there is no
need for you to physically attend the meeting.


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