[jdev] XSF membership application period

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Jul 2 10:49:38 CDT 2008

JabberForum wrote:
> Kevin Smith;1425 Wrote: 
>> It is required that members you vote (responsibly) in XSF meetings.
>> These are primarily voting in new members quarterly, and voting board
>> and council annually.
> So you are accepted to have the opportunity to accept others (as member
> also, or board, or council)? ;-) I guess also we participate in
> discussion about XEP status?..

See my other email.

> And an important question about how the meetings, and votes (when
> necessary) are done: how are organized the meetings? Are there votes
> during meetings at a narrow specific time, or is there a large time
> range around the discussions? As I said, I have some time I could use
> for this. But I still have a job during the day and there is the time
> shift between countries (but maybe with the time shift, I can
> participate to mettings at night! :p).

Most XSF members vote by proxy, which they do by chatting with an IM bot 
we host at jabber.org. If you really want to participate in the meeting 
(which happens via groupchat) you can do that, but most members don't 
bother because it's not necessary.


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