[jdev] PyICQ-t branch / PyICQ-t fork?

ml-jabber at micressor.ch ml-jabber at micressor.ch
Fri Jul 4 04:22:25 CDT 2008

Am Fr, 4.07.2008, 11:14, schrieb Jonathan Schleifer:
> If there's interest in patches like these for pyICQ-t, maybe it would
> be time to fork it so development of pyICQ-t can go on again? The
> project on Google Code is more than dead, not even caring for patches
> that fix bugs.


Try to contact some people on muc channel
pytransports at conference.jabber.modevia.com
for infos about pyicq-t.

  mail/jabber: micressor at swissjabber.ch        PGP key available

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