[jdev] PyICQ-t branch / PyICQ-t fork?

Daniel Henninger Daniel.Henninger at jivesoftware.com
Fri Jul 4 12:03:04 CDT 2008

It's a shame you didn't contact me a couple of months ago when I was recruiting people to take it over.  =)  Either way, good luck with it!


On 7/4/08 7:43 AM, "ml-jabber at micressor.ch" <ml-jabber at micressor.ch> wrote:

Am Fr, 4.07.2008, 11:24, schrieb Jonathan Schleifer:
> That channel is as dead as the Google Code project.
> Before I decided to put all my patches together and create a branch, I
> tried multiple times to get patches into the official pyICQ-t repo. No
> luck. I didn't really want to fork, but what should I do if the project
> is totally dead?

If you like, please go ahead and maintaine pyicq-t and announce that.
Jabber admins which use this transport would like to see that. Me too. :)


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