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Sat Jul 5 03:54:23 CDT 2008

Sander Devrieze;1533 Wrote: 
> The title tag on the Coccinella website was changed to "Instant
> Messaging Client with Whiteboard". The old title tag was something
> like "Jabber Client with Whiteboard". "Instant messaging client" is
> better known to non-geek users than "Jabber client" or "XMPP client".
> The idea is to slowly remove *all* references to both "Jabber" and
> "XMPP" on the website and in Coccinella. We will call us "open
> standards based" instead, with an XMPP logo button next to it with a
> link to http://www.xmpp.org/ or preferably a directory with XMPP
> software.
> -- 
> Mvg, Sander Devrieze.

Ok... I understand the idea of making Jabber name disappear to say
"this is not any kind of network, just the instant messaging standard".
Just like you speak of email, which is not a network but an electronic
Yet somehow, in my deep, I find it sad, but probably some poetic part
of me.

But then I have a funny question for instance: when you have a Jabber
autodiscovery link, when it will be sufficiently a standard so that
browser will take it in account... what will be the icon appearing on
the page? You know, like the rss icon -- some kind of orange radar wave
-- which appears at right of the url when there is a rss autodiscovery?
Just close to it, there could be another icon for Jabber/XMPP: should it
be the X? The bulb? Something else? :D


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