[jdev] [OT] XMPP icons

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Sat Jul 5 04:23:54 CDT 2008

2008/7/5 Lastwebpage Peter Flindt <lastwebpage at gmail.com>:
> Sander Devrieze wrote on 05.07.2008 n Message
> <7b06a4100807050020u9d4969bg8a0b23fad2a015d at mail.gmail.com> :
>> 2008/7/5 naw <lambda512 at gmail.com>:
>>> El Sábado 05 Julio 2008, JabberForum escribió:
>>>> What about this little bulb? For my own, I like it... or at least I
>>>> prefer it to this big "X" which looks really marketing to me (more than
>>>> the bulb)...
>>> I also prefer "Jabber" and the bulb to "XMPP" and the X.
>> The bulb is confusing because people associate it with the jabber.org
>> website. They think they need to register an account on that website
>> and they forget there are other good services.
> Sorry, I don't understand, where I can register an account on
> www.xmpp.org?


> Where is the problem with the jabber.org site?
> There is nowhere a registration field on jabber.org, except for the
> mailing lists and the forum.

jabber.org is dedicated at end users and xmpp.org not. Stupid users
will cleary see that www.xmpp.org is not the place where they have to
register an account...there is no doubt about that as that site is too
technical...this is not true for www.jabber.org

Besides that, xmpp.org is a website about the protocol and no XMPP
service. If we link to jabber.org (which is an XMPP service), this is
not fair for other XMPP based services. We prefer to link to an
independent site that lists XMPP compatible services, clients,
libraries, and server software.

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.

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