[jdev] [OT] XMPP icons

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Sun Jul 6 02:25:39 CDT 2008

> Coccinella also will change to use the "XMPP logo" as the bulb is confusing.

*Sigh*, another XMPP vs Jabber discussion, only this time disguised in
a logo discussion? Jabber vs. XMPP discussions never come to a
conclusion, so I doubt that the 'Bulb logo' versus 'XMPP logo' will
come to an end.

By the way, it's the first time I hear that a bulb is associated with
a jabber.org account, and even more, that 'associating jabber clients
with jabber.org is confusing/bad for Jabber'. Usually, it is
jabber.com that is the cause of discussion.


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