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Mon Jul 7 03:13:45 CDT 2008

Jonathan Dickinson;1555 Wrote: 
> I think this is a good idea. Sander has enlightened me to GTalk's
> success, it is because they don't confuse users with terms such as
> Jabber and XMPP, however, it is important to remember your roots. How
> about having a 'slogan' under "Instant Messaging Client with Whiteboard"
> saying "Powered by Jabber/XMPP"? It's right there in the title keeping
> the nerds happy, without confusing Aunt Tillies.

I really cannot agree to all the last emails about whether XMPP or
Jabber is a better name. For me, XMPP is simply the technical name,
something which doesn't sound a bell for anyone. It is the standardized
name because the word "Jabber" is not "hype" enough, it does not sound
hightech and futuristic technogoly. But Jabber was remaining the
"community" name because it is easy to say... and I would even say: it
is funny to say, which is really important for a word to spread. So I
don't understand why there is a discussion about one of the term which
must disappear for the other's profit!!! They simply have different
approach, hence different public. I will never say "XMPP" to a common
user I just want to discuss with (I will use "Jabber". But I will use it
for speaking about the standard.

But don't make me say what I haven't. I perfectly can understand the
idea of both term disappearing for staying at the end with the generic
term "instant messaging" in order to say: "this is the right open
standard for IM" (as I already said). But I don't understand the idea of
one being better than the other, simply different.

As for Gtalk, I am not a hightech analyst or what, but I am pretty sure
that the absence of them speaking about XMPP or Jabber is NOT the reason
(not even one of them) why they succeeded. They succeeded because they
are Google and that people have a very good opinion on all their
technologies (and most of the time, they are right to have good
opinion), because Gtalk is bundled in Gmail which is one of the best,
famous and most used webmail, etc. Moreover they indeed don't tell terms
like Jabber or XMPP, but they use "Gtalk". This is the same, except that
they somehow appropriate themselves the network; they still use a
nominating term. Gtalk users do not say "what is your IM address?", but
"what is your Gtalk address?". So as long as we don't ask the generic
version, then I would have prefered Gtalk users to say: "what is your
Jabber address?".
And I really not see how the term "Jabber" could have anything
confusing, in order to differenciate from proprietary networks, waiting
for it to become really the used standard everywhere.


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