[jdev] Issues in XMPP javascript libraries

Jonathan Dickinson jonathanD at k2.com
Mon Jul 7 03:45:09 CDT 2008

Hi Rohan,

BOSH is what Javascript libraries would use to communicate with a XMPP server (remember, Javascript cannot send raw data over the network, all comms must occur over HTTP).

What this means to you is that:

1.       No client set up is needed. The javascript libraries (should) include everything you need. They simply use a special kind of AJAX to communicate with the server.

2.       You need to find a server that supports BOSH connections. Maybe someone here is running one that does? You can try to connect to jabber.org and mabber or such should also have BOSH support.

Best of luck!

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Hi All,
         I am new to the XMPP world, and have just started to learn it. I want to build a small web client that connects to xmpp servers, and allows the user to chat. For this I tried using both XMPP4JS and JSJac. In the sample client provided by both of these libraries I am getting exceptions.In JSJac, am getting-
An error occured:
Code: 503
Type: cancel
Condition: service-unavailable

And in XMPP4JS, i am getting the error-
There was an error(fatal=true): The error is not one of those defined herein; the connection manager SHOULD include application-specific information in the content of the wrapper.

What else do I need to configure. I am running the sample client under Apache. Also what exactly is BOSH, and what needs to be setup at client side to configure BOSH
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