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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Mon Jul 7 13:45:56 CDT 2008

naw wrote:
> El Viernes 04 Julio 2008, Sander Devrieze escribió:
>> 2008/7/4 Pedro Melo <melo at simplicidade.org>:
>>> Hi,
>>> in case you need XMPP logo icons, I converted the SVG to PNGs
>>> 512x512, 256x256, 128x128 and 64x64, both regular and crushed, with
>>> alpha channel.
>>> You can find them here:
>>> http://www.simplicidade.org/me/xmpp.html
>>> and in a ZIP here:
>>> http://www.simplicidade.org/me/xmpp.zip
>>> I've also sent them to Peter, in case he wants to make this available
>>> at the xmpp.org site.
>> Please find attached another version of the logo. There also exists a
>> Tango version which you can find in Pidgin. PS: if someone could
>> contribute an Oxygen version of the logo for Coccinella that would be
>> really fine!
> But the official icon for applications should be the jabber bulb, or the xmpp 
> X? should the apps be renamed from "jabber client" to "xmpp client"?
> I think that most apps use the bulb and are called "jabber client" but pidgin 
> doesn't, wich is a bit confusing.


Jabber is to XMPP as the Web is to HTTP.

Geeks talk about HTTP, but end users talk about web browsers and web sites.

Geeks talk about XMPP, but end users talk about Jabber clients (or just 
IM clients).

Therefore I think it is best for end-user clients to use the term 
"Jabber". This is more user-friendly and less geeky for Aunt Tillie.

That said, I am an individualist and I value decentralization, so if 
particular IM clients want to call it XMPP instead of Jabber, that's 
their business. But I reserve the right to boycott them. :)


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