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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Mon Jul 7 15:57:12 CDT 2008

Sander Devrieze wrote:
> 2008/7/7 Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at stpeter.im>:
>> Jabber is to XMPP as the Web is to HTTP.
> Right
>> Geeks talk about HTTP, but end users talk about web browsers and web sites.
> Wrong. When end users read "http://www.example.org/", they will
> *associate* this with the address of a website!

No Sander, you are wrong. Have you *ever* heard a non-geek talk about an 
"HTTP client" or "HTTP server"?

>> Geeks talk about XMPP, but end users talk about Jabber clients (or just IM
>> clients).
> Semi-wrong: the part between brackets is right.
>> Therefore I think it is best for end-user clients to use the term "Jabber".
>> This is more user-friendly and less geeky for Aunt Tillie.
> Neither "Jabber" not "XMPP" should be used IMHO. Let them use the term
> "instant messaging", but make them *associate* the term "XMPP" with
> "instant messaging". When people (both geeks and end users) see the
> term "XMPP" and/or the logo on a website or in some software, they
> should directly associate it with interoperability, open standard,
> instant messaging, not getting locked in a walled garden, and so
> forth.

I have no objections to that, for sure.

> Summary:
> 1) "HTTP" versus "XMPP": association with open standard for Web/IM
> 2) globe logo versus XMPP wings logo: association with open standard for Web/IM
> 3) Web/website/web browser/web server/... versus Instant
> messaging/instant messaging address (or Contact ID)/instant messaging
> client/instant messaging server: what people use in daily life
> 4) Goal of using the XMPP wings logo or the term "XMPP": get people to
> actually *associate* both with the one and only good way of
> interroperable instant messaging ;-) So, people don't need to actually
> call your service/client/server an "XMPP service"/"XMPP client"/"XMPP
> server". People only should make the association that your
> service/client/server is interroperable/open/open standard/good/not
> evil/great/fantastic/amazing/you know
>> That said, I am an individualist and I value decentralization, so if
>> particular IM clients want to call it XMPP instead of Jabber, that's their
>> business. But I reserve the right to boycott them. :)
> That's your right, but it's also my right to try to change your mind ;-)

I prefer IM to Jabber. But for end users I prefer Jabber to XMPP!


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