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Mon Jul 7 16:43:48 CDT 2008

Sander Devrieze;1603 Wrote: 
> Neither "Jabber" not "XMPP" should be used IMHO. Let them use the term
> "instant messaging", but make them *associate* the term "XMPP" with
> "instant messaging". When people (both geeks and end users) see the
> term "XMPP" and/or the logo on a website or in some software, they
> should directly associate it with interoperability, open standard,
> instant messaging, not getting locked in a walled garden, and so
> forth.

Hum... I would LOVE meet these kind of end users... But usually when
they think this way, they are often no more simple end users. Most
people don't really care about this, simply because they don't care
about computers at all. Most common users don't see how freedom (because
this is what open standard, interoperability, etc. is about) and
computers can be associated, and even having anything in common...
Computers are just tools for them... and I would have liked they were
right. Computer should never have taken this much importance, in my
opinion (but this is another discussion) so that we have to fight so
much for fear of what you call "walled garden" (because we know how
dangerous it can be, what most people don't).

Anyway do you think that, when end users think about emails, the web
(http/html), irc, etc. they associate this with interoperability and
openess? Even a very big part (most?!) of people working with computers
don't associate these! So the end users even less!!!

So no I don't know what is the best way to do this all, and probably
there are several ways. But this is most probably not one of them.


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