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Peter has made valid points as seen below my message.  What are the
differences between branding and marketing.  Branding is an association of a
name to quality, offerings, and perceptions in the market space.  Marketing
is a consumer centric message to educate the market and differentiate the
brand from competitors or similar offerings.

XMPP is HTTP as instant message (IM) is to webpage

I like data so let's slice it differently :->

XMPP is HTTP as Jabber is to the world wide web

Now I can go on and on about this as the discussion list has..it could be
sliced differently in explanation till the cows come home.

So The foundation is called the XMPP foundation historically the XML like
language used to exchange the information was called Jabber. Ahhaa a
historical terminology to identify the data exchange language. Easy

I truly believe the light bulb should be historically associated with XMPP
as a synonymous identity.  Chat/IM/Jabber/XMPP clients can use what ever
icon they choose but to maintain consistency and consumer branding stick
with the "light bulb" graphic.  The XSF can have their brand as it
identifies the group that ensures quality and constancy for the data
exchange language.

Consumer name of icon: Jabber
Technical name: XMPP

As perception grows people will without a doubt associate the for profit
business Jabber, Inc. with XMPP, fully disclosed at
http://www.jabber.org/book/export/html/259 on it's usage which is fair and

Stay consistent. Don't complex this issue with the usage of immaterial terms
such as IM or Chat, users know these terms are the same, let  them use it as
they see fit because they're understood clearly by the user.  Don't make
them think.

-Chris Johnston

p.s. the "Don't make them think" statement is the reason why Idiocracy is an
accurate depiction of the future. Importantly a key statement in marketing
and GUI.

On Mon, Jul 7, 2008 at 2:45 PM, Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at stpeter.im>

>> But the official icon for applications should be the jabber bulb, or the
>> xmpp X? should the apps be renamed from "jabber client" to "xmpp client"?
>> I think that most apps use the bulb and are called "jabber client" but
>> pidgin doesn't, wich is a bit confusing.
> Jabber is to XMPP as the Web is to HTTP.
> Geeks talk about HTTP, but end users talk about web browsers and web sites.
> Geeks talk about XMPP, but end users talk about Jabber clients (or just IM
> clients).
> Therefore I think it is best for end-user clients to use the term "Jabber".
> This is more user-friendly and less geeky for Aunt Tillie.
> That said, I am an individualist and I value decentralization, so if
> particular IM clients want to call it XMPP instead of Jabber, that's their
> business. But I reserve the right to boycott them. :)
> Peter
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