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chris johnston ctofur at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 10:37:29 CDT 2008

Nice service!

How does one acquire NPA NPXX records that define what service provider has
what cell phone number??? I have always wondered where this information is

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> Hi
> It is interesting to send SMS from Jabber clients like gmail client,
> google talk IM client or PSI etc. Following is the address of a good SMS
> gateway.
> http://www.messagingbay.com/smsxmpp.jsp?navi=27
> What is it and How to Start?
> A. This service makes it possible to send SMS from your Google Talk IM
> client, Gmail client or other Jabber IM client like Psi etc.
> B. It is assumed that you already have your Google Talk id (example,
> test at gmail.com) or other Jabber ID(eg. test at jabber.org).
> C. Now, Register an account on this website by using your google talk
> ID or jabber ID as the username, but choose a different password, you
> will get some free credit for sending SMS.
> D. From your google talk IM client or other jabber client, adding your
> friend's mobile number as new contact/buddy (see following example).
> E. Example, if your friend's mobile is +12345678900, you should add
> 12345678900 at sms.messagingbay.com as your new contact.
> F. Send message to the newly added contact from your IM client, your
> friend will get the message as normal SMS.
> G. When SMS is sent, your credit balance will be returned. When SMS is
> delivered to your friend's mobile phnoe, you will see the delivery
> report on your IM client.
> H. If you want to display your own mobile number to the recipients,
> please email your mobile number and your account name to
> support at messagingbay.com so that we can setup for you.
> I. If you are advanced user, you will find that "Service Discovery" is
> supported. Do service discovery on messagingbay.com and see what is
> there.
> J. For supporting, please email to support at messagingbay.com.
> regards
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> messagingbay
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