[jdev] Jabber presence traffic characterization

Alexey Nezhdanov snakeru at gmail.com
Sun Jun 8 13:04:59 CDT 2008

В сообщении от Sunday 08 June 2008 20:20:29 JabberForum написал(а):
> Hi folks,
> I'm currently working on a research project for my Ph.D in which I
> need to simulate network traffic during long periods of inactivity on
> mobile Internet tablets. One focus application would be Jabber, and I
> was wondering what would be the traffic pattern for a scenario in which
> a Jabber client is running on a mobile Internet tablet for long periods
> of inactivity (e.g. no data traffic, just presence traffic). Given that
> I could not find any relevant literature in such subject, I'm posting in
> this forum asking for help. In fact, what I need is the traffic
> characterization for Jabber presence traffic, and I'm not really
> concerned about Jabber messaging traffic, because the idea is to
> simulate a network scenario with a connection between a Jabber client
> and a Jabber server. I know Jabber uses XMPP, but I couldn't find
> whether presence information was exchanged over TCP or UDP, for start.
It depends, actually. The most common scenario is the single persistent tcp 
connection which is established when client connects and terminated on 
logout. But there are also solutions for XMPP over HTTP (both polling and 
binding) and it is certainly possible to develop a UDP-based transport, 
though that will require adding guaranteed delivery there anyways because 
order of stanzas matter and all and eachone must be delivered.

In your scenario client would receive one presence stanza per status change.
You can see them yourself in any xml-console capable jabber client (f.e. psi, 

> If it is TCP, I would like to know whether this TCP connection is
> "persistent" (kept open for as long as the user is logged on the
> server") or "temporary" (opened each time the users updates its status
> on the server and/or the user requests an update on the status of the
> contacts list). Also, if anybody has knowledge of   related works on
> Jabber traffic characterization and would like to share, it would be
> really valuable.
> Thanks in advance,
> Fuad Abinader

Alexey Nezhdanov

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