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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Fri Jun 13 09:43:51 CDT 2008

On 06/13/2008 5:28 AM, Jonathan Dickinson wrote:
> Sorry to be such a twat, but I have searched the specs for like .5hr in vain.
> In S2S connections which of the following happens?
> C1->S1: <message xmlns="jabber:client"/>
> S1->S2: <message xmlns="jabber:server"/> <!-- Server namespace -->
> S2->C2: <message xmlns="jabber:client"/>


> Or
> C1->S1: <message xmlns="jabber:client"/>
> S1->S2: <message xmlns="jabber:client"/> <!-- Client namespace -->
> S2->C2: <message xmlns="jabber:client"/>


> Or
> C1->S1: <message xmlns="jabber:client"/>
> S1->S2: <route><message xmlns="jabber:client"/></route> <!-- or some other element -->
> S2->C2: <message xmlns="jabber:client"/>

No! The <route/> element is used only for internal packet routing within
some XMPP server implementations. It is not for sending over the wire
between XMPP entities.

> Sorry to ask such a dumb question...

There are no dumb questions. Well, there are, but you don't tend to ask
them. :)

> I am kind of hoping it is option 2 or 3.

Sorry to disappoint you. The transformation from jabber:client to
jabber:server and back to jabber:client again is one of those ugly
aspects of XMPP, at least for server developers.


Peter Saint-Andre

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