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Sat Jun 14 04:06:21 CDT 2008

my two cents, I think a general standardizes translation file will not
here are some reasons why it not work for Miranda:

a)Miranda have ONE translation file without a directly connection
translation<=>GUI Control. The parser for the translation search for
the first hit in the language file and display ALL controls with the
same translated text.

a 1)Miranda is a Multimessenger. Some words are used by other protocols
or addons and have sometimes a different meaning.

a 2) e.g. [Back Color]  the translation would be "Hintergrundfarbe".
But, oooohhhh, the text in the dialog is "Hintergru", because too few
space for the translation. ( We use "Hgrd.farbe" )

b)The parser, or however you name this thing, who read the file and
display the translation, it's not easy to change something in it,
because there are tons of addons which use the function from the old

A general standardizes translation file would be nice for words like
"Service Discovery", the human translator can take a look in this list
and use it for his own translation.
But some kind of automation on the client site? I guess this will not
work for a lot of clients.


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